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Dorogawa Umaagana Collection 2023


Dates: September 16 (Sat) - November 12 (Sun), 2023

Artists and creative partners have selected recommended specialities from the Dorogawa area, and from these, they have chosen items for the 'Dorogawa Umaagana (“delicious” in Dorogawa dialect) Lucky Bag,' with exclusive KUKAMI MATSURI original tin badges which is available in a limited quantity of 99 bags. While strolling around the town, look for items marked with the 'Dorogawa Umaagana Collection' special sticker. (Items can also be purchased individually.)


Dorogawa Umaagana Lucky Bag Retailer: Gorogoro Shop (46 Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture)

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